AmberChild is a cool and safe child tracking
application for your child's Android phone.

It keeps your family safe and helps locate a lost
child. It displays the child’s location on a map on
a phone with AmberParent.

The goal is to assist you in the search for and
the safe recovery of a child, and to show you the
child's location when needed.

When the child moves outside a geofence,
AmberChild sends an alert to AmberParent.

Requires AmberParent.

AmberParent allows you to see your child’s
location on a map on your phone.

AmberChild automatically sends a message to
your phone, when you want to know where your
kid is.

Receive messages with the child’s location,
when the location changes by more than a limit
that you define. You can also get continuous
location updates.

The new location is displayed on a map on your
phone within seconds or minutes of a location

This makes a fast and safe recovery possible.

Requires AmberChild.
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AmberChild $4.99.
AmberParent $4.99.